Sunday, 13 January 2013

its 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I haven't updated since April 2012; which is mere 8 months ago, reading my posts then, it difficult to comprehend how my life has changed so dramatically.

I considered starting a new blog because I have entered a totally new phase in my life, and some of my previous posts are shameful to say the least, considering my new found status, but hey what the hell, that was me at one point (Kanye Shrug). 

So what been happening ? well so much has changed so I will need to blog about each one separately, but in a nutshell : 

I have moved !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I am out of dreary England and off to warmer a new job. 

I am now officially a Mrs  - Yes I know Shock Horror, less than a year ago I was having a sex crisis trying to sort out some constant c**** whilst still being hung up on my ex, and facing the fact that I would be taking up my seat on the shelf next to all the other unmarried 25yr olds (yes I know sounds kind of ridiculous but according to my mama your on the shelf at 25). Well I am officially a Mrs, infact a few months in, ( I am almost a pro). How I got married ? How I met him ? all deserve their own blog posts, so will be posting those shortly. Main thing is I am happily married and loving it; having been in a long term relationship ( 8 years, and no I'm not married to him) I always felt like whats the point of marriage, you still feel the same, just your tied together legally, Well no Hunny, I was completely wrong, not trying to gloat but being married just does something for you, its hard to explain, you just feel settled at peace, every time I look at him my inner voice screams "Hell yeah the search is over!" hahaha just kidding, no but seriously it does something to you. 

We are expecting, well it early days, and I know your supposed to wait till the three month mark, but I'm just excited and I need to talk about it, so in about 7 months time ( By Gods Grace) I will receive another title "Mummy".

Will be posting with more consistency from now on, ( yes I have said this before but this time I am really serious)

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