Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mr Right v Mr Manageable

Firstly it annoys me that when women get together they spend half their time talking about men (or is it just my friends), its literally a bitching session, which consists of either my man is no good, I need a good man, or there are no good men (*rolls eyes*).... WHY!!!!!!!!!!
What is happening to the world, some of the stuff I hear is totally outrageous ( or is it just the people I know), what happened to the good old fashion days, were people got married, had kids and stayed together forever (till death do us part doesn't seem to mean anything these days ), so what’s the reason for this rant ? well simply because I know too many people with dysfunctional relationships, now I hope I do not offend anyone, but I am traditionalist(possibly due to my strict Nigerian upbringing), so I am not really into the new modern era of dating, people are sleeping together for fun and having kids everywhere, I mean like seriously ?
The specific reason for this rant is due to me recently meeting a girl (she is soo lovely) who is currently in a relationship with a man who lives with his "ex", who is currently pregnant with their second child. According to this man, the only reason he is living with his "ex", is because she is pregnant blah blah, but apparently this "ex" knows about his new girlfriend (my friend) and just requests that the man does not bring the new girl over whilst she is there.
Now when my dear friend was telling me about her relationship, and how she is soo happy blah blah, I was totally confused, because to me it just seems like the guy is either still in a relationship with his ex, possibly even married to her (am I too judgmental???). The whole story just does not make sense to me; I mean who does that seriously.
So this brings me to my question, why are there so many dysfunctional relationships, why do women seem to be settling? I mean I know that we as women outnumber men, and with gay relationships the pool is even smaller but WHY?
My mum always says there are very few good men, and women should stop looking for Mr Right and look for Mr Manageable, but I just can’t get my head round it. I mean for the general female population are our standards too high ?  ... I just want a guy who loves and respects me, who is financially secure (notice I didn’t say rich), who is over 6ft, relatively good looking (beauty is in the eye of the beholder), good family background ( no one wants crazy in-laws), educated ( I mean I have two degrees), Christian, preferably Igbo (I’m not a tribalist)
I have always thought that women are partly responsible for the poor quality of men we currently see in today's society, since half of the time women let men get away with so much crap (myself included), and it becomes a vicious cycle. I genuinely believe that if every woman walked out, and severed all ties when a man cheated or exhibited some ridiculous behaviour, maybe then the guy would be too afraid to do it again and change his ways for the next girl (wishful thinking maybe?).
So what do you guys think? Should we be looking for Mr Manageable instead of Mr Right?


  1. The fault is that of your friend. She saw crap and she has chosen to accept the crap. The guy is not deceiving her, but she chose him. Maybe when we stop to accept rubbish, the men will stop being rubbish.
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  2. @ilola, thanks for following me.......... I totally agree with you the girl is very delusional. However it seems like its very difficult to find a good man, some girls will literally grab anything they can, and then theres that constant pressure from parents *roll eyes* that time is running out.